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Growing Calf Vaccinations


Growing Calf Vaccinations

Young cattle are vaccinated before starting a growing program (pasture or feedlot). The rancher is concerned with prevention of diseases that reduce gain (performance) of cattle, mainly respiratory diseases and digestive problems.

The calf vaccination program depends on what you plan to do with the calves at weaning. If you sell your calves at a livestock market, directly off the cows with no documentation of management, pre-weaning vaccinations may not give you any financial benefit. In this situation, the growing calf vaccination program may very well Start, and End, with only a blackleg shot. However, if you market your calves in a certified feeder calf sale or directly to a buyer or retain your calves beyond weaning, a preventative vaccination program is beneficial.

1. 1-3 months of age:
Blackleg 7 way (Underneath skin of neck; SQ)
2. 3 weeks prior to weaning:
Blackleg 7 way (Underneath skin of neck; SQ)

b. IBR, PI3, BRSV, BVD type I and type II (In muscle of neck, IM or sub Q).
Label approved for calves nursing pregnant cows.

c. Lepto 5 way (IM or sub Q in the neck)
d. Brucellosis or Bangs Vaccination (heifers only, given only by veterinarian)
3. At or after weaning:
a. Blackleg 7 way (Underneath skin of neck; SQ)
Letpo 5 way (IM or sub Q in the neck)IBR, P13, BRSV, BVD type I and type II. (IM or sub Q in the neck)
(repeated in replacement heifers at 12 months old and at least 30 days before breeding)

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